Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where are you finding your foods?

thought this might be a good place to start contributing food providers that we've found and enjoy. Ann shared some of her ideas in her previous blog.

Please share your comments about where you're finding good food, ok?

We found some of the best hot dogs (in natural casings) we've ever eaten at Miesfeldt's in Sheboygan...plus really great bologna. I need to find out where they actually get their raw materials, though....hopefully somewhere close.

Pepperoni: a friend gave us a stick from Konop's in Stangelville (near Manitowoc), and they do buy their meats locally. Our friend said Konop's has the best ring bologna he's ever had.

Mushrooms:Field and Forest in Peshtigo: not just mushrooms, but instruction on how to grow them.



Pam in Namur said...

My husband was at Marchant's in Brussels on Wednesday, and asked if they sourced their beef locally. They said "yes" - although in exceptionally busy times they might get non-local beef. He did not ask now far away that non-local beef might be from. I'll try to follow up the next time I'm there.

DoorDreamers said...

Virge, Did you learn where Miesfeldt's gets their meats?

Pam, What did you learn from Marchants about the mix of meat sources? Maybe we should ask each time we go in rather than assume the meat is from a local source.