Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Everyone who takes the Door County 100-Mile Food Challenge sets his/her own parameters. Some will decide to eat one locally-sourced meal a week for three months. Others will try to eat only locally grown and processed foods for the entire Challenge year (June 21st, 2008 - June 20th, 2009). I have decided to try to make it through the whole year because I want to test the possibilities of eating well in four seasons. These are the foods I will exempt from my Challenge plan (so far): salt and leavening agents such as yeast and baking powder. I reserve the right to add foods to my list of exemptions as needed to make it through the year in a relative state of health and happiness. For instance, I may decide to add flavorings of one kind or another - vanilla and/or spices - if life gets really dreary. I am also continuing to take a multivitamin (not technically food). What are your parameters?

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