Monday, June 23, 2008

wobbling off to a start

Day 3: I'm already getting that good dose of reality that our ancestors must have had in starting their new western settlements. I went into this Challenge with eyes wide open...but now without a safety net of grocery stores, I'm realizing this could be even more challenging than I thought. The growing season is late this year, so my pantry is nearly bare: a few jars of tomato sauce and pickles left; a couple pounds of local flour on hand; some venison and whitefish in the freezer. Peas and strawberries are late, cherries won't be available at all, it seems. I can see ahead of me at least two weeks of mostly greens, asparagus, a few of last year's remaining potatoes, and whatever else I can scrounge.

I'm going to try my best to live without that easy net of available grocery store food for this entire next year, seven days a week (except when we are out of town...and except for buying spices, olive oil and coffee!). I spend a lot of time cooking already (it's a passion); but I can see that this will be the year of inventiveness coming to the forefront, and I suspect the kitchen will become more my second home than ever before. I also suspect that I'll be taking my vegetable garden much, much more seriously!!


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