Thursday, June 26, 2008

So far, so good

Hello from Locavoreland in Clay Banks,

Sally and I have been managing quite well this first week of the Challenge. We had done some homework and stocking up of food items that are locally grown and processed. For example, we have a 50 pound bag of Roder Farm potatoes, and about 75 pounds of frozen Door County Kraut. We also stopped at the Oneida Nation agricultural community's retail store on our way to the Renewable Energy Fair last week and picked up 20 pounds of white corn flour. On the way home we stopped at Caprine Supreme, a goat dairy in Black Creek, and picked up cheese and yogurt.

Here is a menu of Day One of The Challenge:

Breakfast - roasted corn mush with maple syrup (Cherrydale Farm), cream (Renard's Cheese) and strawberries from my freezer.

Lunch - egg and cheese omelet, applesauce.

Dinner - baked potatoes with goat feta and cream, asparagus, salad.

Yesterday I made bread with Island Wheat flour which I bought at Greens & Grains in Egg Harbor. It is very sustainable bread; a little goes a long way.

The Challenge requires that we exercise our ingenuity. I am very much missing salad dressing. I made a satisfactory dressing by blending cutting celery leaves and walking onion scapes from my garden with cream, salt and paprika.

However, if anyone has a recipe for a salad dressing that uses no oil, I would certainly like to have it. Also, does anyone have a source for local vinegar? I am in the process of making some out of cider from Robertson Orchard, but it takes 4 months. I would like to have some to use in the mean time.

By the way, Kris Robertson told me he still has frozen cider for sale. Call him at 743-1351.

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